A Workforce
& Education

Bringing public education and local chambers together to partner with public and private sector employers, trades, nonprofits, and contractors to impact state's workforce.

our Students'
Success through
Career Exploration.

The initiative includes workplace tours, career exploration, speaker series, job fairs, and more.

"By investing in our
schools and students,
businesses can grow
the economy and their bottom line.
Career Readiness and Workforce
Development is our business."

Frank Vitale, President and CEO
Forge Business Solutions

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The Career Readiness West Virginia initiative builds and sustains a collaborative partnership model between public education, local chambers of commerce, public and private sector employers, trades and contractors, nonprofits, and government to drive career and workforce development in the state.

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Explore how Public School Districts, Local Chambers of Commerce, and Employers are working together to make an impact!

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Forge Business Solutions is a veteran-owned business founded upon the principle of service above self. President and CEO, Frank Vitale started Forge to help companies thrive in any aspect. From developing new markets, identifying potential customers, human resources training, investor relations and beyond.
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